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Any question about Vélib'? Call our customer service and obtain assistance in English!



Monday to Friday : 8am-10pm

Saturday : 9am-10pm

Sunday : 9am-7pm


The service consists of a network of 1,800 stations, available 24 hours a day all year round, and dispatched every 300 meters in Paris and in 30 surrounding cities. Each station is composed of a central terminal and bike posts.


The Terminal


At the terminal, it is possible to:

- Hire a bike

- Buy a short-term ticket with your bank card (1-day or 7-day ticket)

- Top up your long-term subscription card

- Obtain information about the service

- Check maps

- Check real-time availability of bikes and parking

- Gain 15 extra free minutes if the station is fully occupied in order to return your bike to one of the closest station

- Check your bike has been returned correctly by printing a receipt

- Report a problem by calling the customer service



Bike Posts


Each station is equipped with up to 70 bike posts, depending on the location of the station. Bike posts are equipped with a locking system, luminous indicators, audio signals and a card reader.


Lights indicate whether the bike is available or not. When returning your bike, wait for the green light, followed by two successive beeps, to make sure your bike is locked correctly. If the bike is not properly in position, the light remains red and a continuous beep is emitted. This means the bike return operation has not been registered by the service. In that case, please contact Allo Vélib’ on xxxxxxxx (Monday-Friday: 8am-10pm / Saturday: 9am-10pm, Sunday: 9am-7pm) to obtain assistance in English.


V+ Stations

Gain 15 extra free minutes each time you return your bike to one of the V+ elevated stations! Make sure you return your bike to a V+ station which is different from the one where you have released your bike otherwise you will not benefit from the 15 extra free minutes.


Long-term subscribers are able to hold additional time credit for later use. However, additional time credit cannot be assigned to a third party or reimbursed by the Vélib’ service.



Find V+ stations on the interactive map.

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