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Monday to Friday : 8am-10pm

Saturday : 9am-10pm

Sunday : 9am-7pm


Be aware of what is going on around you, cycle safely and respect road rules!


Road safety guidelines

C-Sécurité code de la route


- Respect road signs and signals (red lights, one-way streets, stop signs, etc)
- Always look out for pedestrians, particularly at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings
- Be aware of other cyclists and ensure they can always see you
- Do not cycle on footpaths
- Cycle in single file even when cycling in a group
- Do not undertake vehicles if they are turning right 
- On the road, keep right unless specific paths are provided
- Do not transport passengers, Vélib’ bikes are designed to carry only one person
- Do not lend your subscription card / ticket to any other person 
- Watch out for vehicle doors opening
- Use the locker for short stop 
- Signal changes of direction with your arm
- Before you set out, check your bike is roadworthy and safe
- Wear reflective clothing in bad weather conditions and at night
- We recommend that you wear a properly-fitting helmet
- Do not wear headphones while cycling

 Always be alert to what is happening around you!




Watch out for blind spots!

C- Sécurité angles morts



Blind spots are the first cause of cycle accidents so watch out! Blind spots correspond to the full right & left length of vehicles, leaving drivers unable to see anyone cycling beside them. Lorries and busses have significant blind spots where cyclists are invisible.




- Make sure you are always able to see drivers’ eyes, which is a sign that they are able to see you. Make eye contact with drivers.

- Never pass a vehicle on the right

- Keep your distance from vehicles

- Avoid stopping too close to the front of a lorry or a bus

- Remain visible at all times


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