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If you have any further queries or would like to find out more about the service, subscription, fees, availability of bikes and parking, please refer to our FAQs.
The customer service (+33 1 30 79 79 30 or Vélib' - TSA 90003 - 78378 Plaisir cedex) is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm, Saturday from 9am to 10pm and Saturday from 9am to 7pm.

Long-term subscription

What type of subscription should I choose?

Vélib’ is flexible, offering 4 different types of subscription:
Vélib’ Classique: For €29 per year, you have an unlimited number of journeys, with 30 minutes free on each journey.
Vélib’ Passion: For longer journeys, Vélib Passion allows unlimited journeys as well as 45 minutes free on each journey. All this for €39/year.
Vélib’ Passion 14-26: Aimed at those aged between 14 and 26, this subscription is perfect for younger people. All the benefits of Vélib’ Passion for €29 per year instead of €39.
Vélib’Passion 14-26 bursary: You’re aged between 14 and 26 and in receipt of a teaching bursary or part of a return to work program ? This is the subscription for you. All the benefits of Vélib’ Passion for €19 rather than €39 per year.
Vélib' Solidarité : All persons enjoying to free transport to Paris can subscribe to this offer.Sign up for only 19€ and use Vélib’ as often as you want during one year. The 45 first minutes of each trip are always free of charge.

How do I subscribe?

To register, simply go to velib.paris.fr. Click on “register” and complete the three simple steps:

• Choose the subscription that suits you best and how you would like to use it (Vélib’ card, NAVIGO© pass, Vélib’ Express card),
• Input your personal information and accept the terms and conditions,
• Pay your subscription and deposit. The system accepts debit card, direct debit or cheque.

If you use Navigo or Vélib’ Express and choose to pay with a debit card, once your registration is accepted you will receive an activation code that will grant you instant access to the Vélib’ service.

How can I pay?

Payment is accepted as follows:

Debit card: EMV cards (Europay, Visa, Mastercard) with the exception of e-cards, American Express and Electron or Moneo cards are accepted. E-carte bleue cards have too quick an expiry on them and as such may not be used for deposits against annual subscriptions.

Cheque: 1 cheque payable to Vélib for the required annual subscription amount, and a second cheque for €150, payable to SOMUPI, covering the deposit (only cashed if terms and conditions are broken).

By Direct Debit: An authorisation form should be completed during online registration. The form must be signed and dated, then sent to Vélib’ customer services along with your bank details.

How does the deposit work?

If you pay by debit card: During payment, your card is pre-authorised. This pre-authorisation is kept securely by our Ingénico© payment system. Should you change debit card or your card expire, you must update your Vélib’ account with your new details. For technical reasons, changing your bank details costs 1 euro, which is debited from your Vélib’ account and is refundable upon request.
If you pay by cheque: Two cheques are needed – one for your chosen subscription made payable to Vélib’and a second for your deposit (€150), made payable to SOMUPI. The deposit cheque is only valid for one year, and if you renew your subscription for another year, you must issue another cheque. You are also welcome to change payment method upon subscription renewal.
Direct debit: The €150 debit is only incurred if you fail to comply with the service terms and conditions, particularly in cases of failure to return your bike within 24 hours.

How much do journeys cost?

Vélib’ is the perfect way to get around for short journeys. Depending on your subscription type, you will have either 30 or 45 minutes free every time you borrow a bike. You may make unlimited trips during your subscription year. If you keep the bike longer than your free period, the first additional half-hour is €1. The second additional half-hour is €2. From the third additional half-hour onwards, the cost rises to €4 per additional half hour.

How old do I have to be to subscribe?

For safety reasons governing the size of the bikes, only persons aged 14 or older may use the bikes. For persons aged between 14 and 18, a legal guardian must give their consent. A consent form is available as part of the registration form online. Subscriptions for minors are only activated upon receipt of said consent form.

Is debit card payment secure?

Debit card transactions on velib.paris.fr are 100% safe and protected by SSL encryption. They cannot be intercepted nor modified. Transactions are managed by Ingenico©, world leader in online payment. When you are in a secure online area, your browser will display a small padlock symbol.
When you input your bank details, you enter a secure area and communicate directly with the Ingénico© payment server.
Vélib' does not see your card number, neither are your details stored on our server. After the tansaction, and prior to returning you to velib.paris.fr, Ingénico© gives you a summary of your details and whether your transaction was approved or not.

What does the Vélib’ Express card do?

The Vélib’ Express card allows you to instantly access the Vélib’ service with online registration using your debit card at velib.paris.fr. Simply collect your free Vélib’ express card from a Vélib’ partner. An express card lets you avoid the delays caused by waiting to receive a traditional card.

How do I use my Vélib’ Express card for annual subscriptions?

Log on to velib.paris.fr and click on “register”. Choose the type of subscription and choose Vélib’ Express as your card type. Input your details and pay. You will then receive a confirmation email with an activation code, allowing you to activate your subscription at the Vélib’ point. Don’t forget to activate it the first time you use it!

How do I activate my Vélib’ Express card after buying an annual subscription?

Once you receive your email activation code, head to a Vélib’ point with your Vélib’ Express card. Log in by scanning your card, then input your registration number, pin number and activation code. Once your card is activated, you can rent a bike using the locking mechanism, without having to use the Vélib’ point.

How do I get a Vélib’ Express card ?

Pick up a card free of charge from the City Hall or Arrondissement council headquarters. Check the list available at:

Why isn’t the Vélib’ express card available for bursary subscriptions?

The Vélib’ Express card operates 100% online, using debit card payment and no paper documentation. As the bursary subscription rate requires proof of status, the express card is not available.

Why do you take a deposit?

The customer undertakes a duty every time they hire a bike. Should the bike be lost due to negligent return, or should damage be caused by the user, the user may lose whole or part of their deposit. The deposit must be available throughout the subscription period. Should your debit card expire during your subscription period, Vélib’ will email you 30 days prior to expiry of your card. You must log in and update your details by clicking on “change my card details”. Should you fail to do so, you will be unable to use the service.

How do I flag up any technical problems with returning my bike?

Should you experience technical difficulties with returning your bike, you must let us know by calling customer services on +33 (0)1 30 79 79 30 or using the Vélib’ point. Outside of normal opening hours for Allo Vélib’ (Monday-Friday: 8.00-22.00, Saturday: 9.00-22.00, Sunday: 9.00-19.00), you may log your bike back in by entering the lock point number into the Vélib’ point.

How long does it take to get a Vélib’ Classique card?

For an annual subscription done using the post, it takes an average of 15 working days to process the application and issue the card. For online subscription by debit card, an average of 5 working days (including postage time).

How do I add credit to my account to use the bike for longer than 30 minutes?

There are two ways of using your debit card to add credit to your account:
• Using a Vélib’ point,
• Using the “My Account” section of velib.paris.fr.
If your account is overdrawn, you will be unable to use the service.

If I move, can I use the system in another city?

Each city manages its own bike service independently. As such, you cannot use your Vélib’ subscription to hire a bike in another city.

Is it possible to change subscription type? How?

You may not change your subscription type during your subscription period. However, you may of course change subscription type upon re-subscription.

How do I renew my Vélib’ subscription?

One month prior to its expiry, you can renew your subscription by logging on to velib.paris.fr, clicking on “my account” and then “re-subscribe”.

Can I renew my subscription automatically?

For maximum simplicity, you have the option to tick the box that says “activate automatic re-subscription” when you complete your initial subscription.
Easy : Your subscription is automatically renewed, payment is secure and taken from your debit card* supplied during your initial registration. No interruptions to your subscription.
Save time : Re-subscribing is easy. You’ll receive an email a month in advance explaining how much you will be charged and when.
Total freedom : You may deactivate this option at any time, up to 3 days prior to subscription renewal. Simply click on “my account” at velib.paris.fr.

Can I change my subscription on renewal?

A month before your subscription renewal, you can log on to velib.paris.fr, click on “my account” and change your subscription type. Your new subscription will be available from the date of expiry of your previous subscription.

How do I renew my Vélib’ Passion 14-26 Bursary subscription?

The Vélib’ Passion 14-26 bursary subscription requires proof of status. As such, you cannot renew it online via “my account”. To renew, please submit a new registration request at velib.paris.fr, by clicking on “register”. When we receive your proof of status, your registration will be activated and you will receive a new registration card or activation code if required to activate your Navigo pass.

Does my parental permission need to be renewed each year?

Parental permission is valid for a year. When your subscription is renewed, you must renew your parental permission.

What ID do I need for a subscription?

If you’re aged between 14 and 26, you need to provide proof of ID (ID card, passport). If you are a minor, you must also provide parental permission. For those in receipt of a bursary and aged between 14 and 26, proof of status is required. This must be accompanied by parental permission for minors as well as ID documentation. Apprentices must provide proof of address, proof of registration with a return to work scheme with Espace Dynamique d’Insertion, Mission Locale de Paris or Ecole de la Deuxième Chance. For the Vélib' Solidarité offer, your subscription will be activated on receipt of the certificate of the STIF.

How do I keep track of my journeys and/or usage?

You can easily check your usage and/or journeys by clicking on “my account” in velib.paris.fr. The information can also be accessed from a Vélib’ point. Only journey details of the last 7 days are available. Personal information is kept for 3 months, in accordance with the requirements of the CNIL (French National Commission of IT and data protection).

Why can I not see free journeys under “my account”?

In accordance with the legislation laid down by the CNIL, free journeys must be anonymous and as such are not registered by the Vélib’ service.

What are the Vélib bonus V+ stations for?

Stations marked as “Bonus V+” are there to reward brave users that make it to the highest-up Vélib stations. If you pick up a bike from a “standard” station and return it to a “Bonus V+” station, you are credited time! There are 100 Bonus V+ stations that reward your efforts with 15 extra free minutes.

How do the Vélib’ Bonus V+ stations work?

If you borrow a bike and drop it off at a V+ station, you earn 15 “Bonus V+” minutes. So, if you use the bike for 45 minutes, you will only be debited 30. Your Bonus V+ credit is automatically used.

Are the Bonus V+ minutes cumulative?

If you don’t use the bike for more than 30 minutes, your time credit is not automatically used. You can save it up for another time!

How do I check how many Bonus V+ minutes I have?

You can log on to velib.paris.fr at any time and click on “my account”. Your available Bonus V+ minutes will be displayed there.

Can I break up my blocks of Bonus V+ time?

No. The blocks work in 15-minute units.

Can I transfer my bonus minutes to another Vélib’ account?

No. They cannot be transferred and have no cash value. They can roll over into a new subscription year, however.

Do Bonus V+ minutes have a limit?

We want to ensure your efforts are always rewarded! As such, there is no limit to the number of Bonus V+ minutes you can earn.

How do I access “my account”?

Go to the welcome page. Click on “my account”. Input your surname, registration number (shown on your paperwork or Vélib’ card), and pin number, generated when you registered.

What if there is a problem logging into “my account”?

Check your name and surname are spelt correctly. Try reversing the fields and check your registration number. If the problem persists, call Allo Vélib’ on +33 (0)1 30 79 79 30.

How do I change my personal details in “my account”?

In “my account”, click on “change my account” and input your new details. The changes will be saved. Your personal account area is absolutely secure.

How do I change my bank details?

In “my account”, click on “change my card details” and input your new payment details. In order to use your personal area, make sure your browser accepts JavaScripts.
In order to ensure that your identity and financial details are secure, Vélib’ will debit your account with €1, which will be automatically added to your account credit. Your account balance can be refunded at any time, up to 12 months after the expiry of your subscription. Simply contact Allo Vélib’ or write to: Service Vélib', TSA 90003, 78378 Plaisir Cedex.

What should I do if my card or Navigo pass is lost or stolen?

You must tell us as soon as possible, using an interactive point or by calling Allo Vélib’on +33 (0)1 30 79 79 30. Your card and account will be locked, preventing fraudulent use. In such cases, we only lock your Vélib’ account, so we recommend you report the theft/loss to the RATP.

How do I get a new card if my old one is lost or stolen?

Contact customer service or our interactive service on +33 (0)1 30 79 79 30. Your new card will cost €5, unless your old one was more than 3 years old.

If my card is lost or stolen, can I use a Vélib’ Express card?

This support has been devised for new subscriptions only and can’t be used to replace a lost or a stolen card.
In case of loss or theft, please contact Allo Vélib’ (01 30 79 79 30) as soon as possible.

What do I have to do to move from a subscription card to a Navigo pass, or the reverse?

To use your Navigo pass instead of your Vélib’ card, call Allo Vélib’ or use our interactive service on +33 (0)1 30 79 79 30 to get an activation code. If you have a 1 or 7 day pass on your Navigo pass, you may only activate an annual subscription once the 1 or 7 days have expired. If you wish to use a card instead of Navigo, the card costs €5. Please call Allo Vélib’.

What should I do if my card and/or Navigo pass isn’t working?

There are many reasons that your pass may not work. It may be a problem with the card or pass itself, your Vélib’ account or the station. To try to diagnose the issue, swipe your card at a Vélib’ station’s main terminal and check your account details, in order to see whether the station itself is temporarily out of service.
If you have recently received a new Navigo pass, you need to activate your Vélib’ account on your new Navigo pass. You do so using an activation code. New activation codes can be quickly obtained by calling the interactive service (+33 (0)1 30 79 79 30). Once you have one, activate your Navigo pass in the station, using the code that will be texted to you.
Attention, if you have a one or seven day pass on your Navigo pass, you need to wait until the credit expires in order to activate your annual subscription.
If you have a Vélib’ Classique subscription, you can easily renew your card by calling the interactive service. Your replacement card costs €5, debited from your Vélib’ credit. Your card will arrive in 5 to 7 days.

Your account can be topped up at the station or using the “my account” section of velib.paris.fr. Your account must be in credit to use the service.

Can I be refunded for 1 or 7-day tickets if I’m waiting for a new subscription card?

1 or 7 day tickets are an additional way of using the service. As such, they cannot be refunded if you take out an annual subscription.

What should I do if my Vélib’ user account is blocked?

There are various reasons for your account to be blocked:
• It has a negative balance. Please purchase credit.
• Your debit card has expired. Update or check your details in the “my account” section of velib.paris.fr.
• You have reported your card as lost or stolen. Please call “Allo Vélib’ “ on +33 (0)1 30 79 79 30

How do I add credit to my Vélib’ account?

There are two ways to top up your account:
• Using a debit card, at velib.paris.fr or at a Vélib’ point,
• By cheque to the following address :
Service Abonnement Vélib'
TSA 10004
78378 Plaisir Cedex

At the end of my subscription period, can I be refunded any leftover credit?

Simply write to the following address any time up to 12 months after the end of your subscription. You can also call Allo Vélib’ on +33 (0)1 30 79 79 30. Postal address: ServiceVélib', TSA 90003, 78378 Plaisir Cedex.

How do I terminate my subscription?

Subscriptions end automatically after 12 months. If you wish to terminate your subscription before it ends, send a letter by registered post to the following address: Service Vélib’, TSA 90003, 78378 Plaisir Cedex. In the case of cancellation, subscription fees are not refunded if the user has made any journeys using the service.

Can subscriptions be cancelled or frozen for, for example, pregnancy?

As the service is sold in 12 month subscriptions, you may not suspend your subscription nor extend it.

What happens to the deposit cheque at the end of the subscription period?

The deposit cheque is automatically destroyed after a 13-month period. It can be returned to the issuer if a request is lodged at least one month prior to subscription expiry.

What do I do if I forget my pin code for the website and stations?

For a new pin code, simply log on to velib.paris.fr and click on “forgotten my pin”. A new pin will be emailed to you. You can also request a new pin by calling +33 (0)1 30 79 79 30.

Short term tickets

What is a short term ticket?

Short term tickets allow you access to the Vélib’ service for a week or a day. They offer unlimited journeys with the first 30 minutes free. The ticket is valid for 24 hours (€1.70) or seven consecutive days (€8). After the initial 30 minutes, the rates are as follows:

• 1st additional half-hour: €1
• 2nd additional half-hour: €2
• Any further time, per half hour: €4.

The service is charged as follows:
Ticket cost + usage per journey = total cost.

How and where do I buy a 1 or 7 day ticket?

Using your debit card:

• In one of the 1751 Vélib’ stations.
• At velib.paris.fr.

Your ticket number is requested each time you hire a bike. Keep your ticket (purchased at the terminal), or confirmation email (for online purchases) safe until Vélib’ has received any funds due to it. In the stations, you can use your Navigo pass to activate your Vélib’ ticket, then hire a bike straight from the locking mechanisms.

How do I buy a 1 or 7 day ticket from a terminal?

You can buy 1 or 7 day tickets from any of the 1751 Vélib’ stations. Go to one of the terminals and follow the onscreen instructions. Your ticket will be with you in minutes.

What type of cards do the terminals and website accept?

You can use a card to buy your ticket at a terminal or station.
In stations, we are only able to accept chip-enabled cards as well as American Express and Japanese Card Bank (JCB). For Monéo, Electron and Realys, your card is temporarily debited with the €150 deposit. You are then re-credited. The time for re-crediting varies by bank, from 10 to 15 days after your ticket expires.
If you buy your ticket online at velib.paris.fr, your card is pre-authorised and not debited. By buying your ticket online, you can choose when to use it and plan your journeys up to two weeks in advance!

How do I buy 1 or 7 day tickets online?

Log on to velib.paris.fr and complete the 3-step purchase process. Simple, quick and secure!

• Choose your ticket type on the welcome page: 1 or 7 day ticket,
• Choose when you would like your ticket to be active (immediately or delayed): you can book up to 2 weeks in advance,
• Read and accept the terms and conditions and proceed to payment (using a debit card).

You will receive a confirmation email containing your user number and pin. You can now hire a bike from the terminal of your choice, using your user number and pin.

Is online payment secure?

Transactions on the Vélib’ website are secured by Ingénico©.
When you input your bank details, you are communicating directly with the Ingénico© payment server. Vélib' does not see your payment details and they are not stored on our server. All information exchanged with Ingénico© is SSL encrypted and cannot be intercepted nor modified. At the end of the transaction, and before returning to velib.paris.fr, Ingénico© will give you an electronic ticket, containing details of the payment and whether your transaction was accepted or declined.

Why would the terminal reject a payment?

When you buy a Vélib’ ticket at a terminal, a request is automatically lodged for an €150 pre-authorisation. This amount is not taken from your account but rather reserved for a few days and made re-available 10 to 15 days after payment, depending on your bank.
To buy a short-term ticket, your daily limit must be equal to or greater than €150. If it is not, your payment may be rejected. This amount may be debited from your account in whole or in part if the general terms and conditions are not met, particularly if you fail to return a bike within 24 hours.

I returned my bike correctly, why have I been charged €150?

If you bought a short-term ticket from a Velib’ point, using an Electron, Moneo or Relays card, your card may have been debited with the deposit amount. This is a temporary debit (see your account terms and conditions). These types of cards do not allow preauthorisation of the type usually performed on velib.paris.fr.

Can I buy several tickets with the same bank card?

Yes. However, you should be aware that each time you buy a ticket, an €150 pre-authorisation is taken until you return the bike.
If you pay by Electron, Moneo or Realys at one of the 1800 Vélib’ stations, you may be charged the €150 deposit. These card types do not allow preauthorisation. If you want to avoid this, buy your tickets online at velib.paris.fr.

Can I activate a 1 or 7 day ticket on a Navigo pass or Vélib' Express card?

A 1 or 7 day ticket can be activated on a Navigo pass using a Vélib’ terminal, but not using the website.
The Vélib’ express card only allows annual subscriptions, with the exception of the Vélib’ Passion 14-26 Bursary subscription.

Can I buy 1 and 7 day tickets at the same time as an annual subscription on a single Navigo pass?

Navigo passes can be used to buy one or seven day tickets, or an annual subscription, but not both.

Can I buy 1 or 7 day tickets in advance?

You can buy tickets online at velib.paris.fr using a computer or an internet-enabled smartphone. Tickets can be bought up to two weeks in advance.

Is there a minimum age requirement to use Vélib’?

You must be aged at least 14 to use Vélib’.

How do I pay if I exceed my 30 free minutes?

If you exceed your 30 free minutes, additional charges are automatically deducted from your bank account using the details you registered on ticket purchase.
Cost per journey are as follows:
• 30 minutes free
• 1st additional half hour: €1
• 2nd additional half hour: €2
• From the 3rd additional half hour and per half hour thereafter: €4

The journey cost is added to the ticket cost. The total cost of the service can be calculated as follows: ticket cost + usage cost per journey = total cost.

What should I do if I forget my pin or my ticket is lost or stolen?

Call Allo Vélib’ on +33 (0) 1 30 79 79 30. Customer Services will be able to give you your ticket number and pin using your 16-digit card number or using details supplied by you, such as the station name and time of ticket purchase.

What should I do if the terminal doesn’t issue a ticket or issues a blank ticket?

Call Allo Vélib’ on +33 (0) 1 30 79 79 30 or free of charge using the terminal (push 4 – “help”).

What happens if I buy a ticket that I don’t end up using?

If you don’t use a ticket purchased at a station, you will not pay for it. All tickets purchased online, however, are billed.

Service and use

Can I hire several bikes at the same time using a single subscription or ticket?

Annual subscriptions and tickets are strictly non-transferrable. Therefore, you may only hire one bike per subscription or ticket.

Can I reserve a bike?

Reserving a bike in advance goes against the principle of self-service. You can, however, buy your 1 or 7 day tickets online or from your smartphone, up to 2 weeks in advance.

Can I lend my subscription or ticket to a friend?

Annual subscriptions and tickets are strictly non-transferrable. You alone are responsible for a bike hired using your ticket or subscription. When you purchase an annual subscription or ticket, you agree to the general terms and conditions, and agree not to lend your ticket or subscription to a third party. Should you fail to respect the terms and conditions, whole or part of your €150 deposit may be debited.

Are the first 30 or 45 minutes free on each journey?

The first 30 minutes (or 45 for Vélib’ Passion users) are always free.
After the free period, additional charges will be taken from your bank account (if you have a short-term ticket) or from your account (if you are an annual subscriber). Costs are as follows:

• 1st additional half hour: €1
• 2nd additional half hour: €2
• From the 3rd additional half hour and per half hour thereafter: €4

The journey cost is added to the ticket cost. The total cost of the service can be calculated as follows: ticket cost + usage cost per journey = total cost.

Why are there no Vélib’ stations in the suburbs (such as la Défense…)?

Since 2009, we have opened 300 Vélib’ stations in 30 areas outside of central Paris, in accordance with restrictions imposed by The Regional Council. The Regional Council has allowed the City of Paris to extend the Vélib’ service up to 1.5km beyond the city limits, but it may not be extended any further.

How do I use the anti-theft device?

An anti-theft device is provided for use during very short stops.
To use it, pass the anti-theft device through the designated point on the bike and remove the key.
To unlock, place the key into the lock. If you are making a longer stop, we recommend you drop the bike off at your nearest station where the mechanisms offer greater security.
If your anti-theft device isn’t working, try pushing it as if you were locking it, and turning the key clockwise.

What should I do if there is no key provided or I lose the key?

Note down the bike number and location, then call Allo Vélib’ on +33 (0) 1 30 79 79 30 to inform us of the lost key. Customer Services will issue a support request.

What should I do if a Vélib’ is abandoned on a public road?

Tell Vélib’ using the contact form under “my contact” on velib.paris.fr, by phoning Allo Vélib’ on +33 (0) 1 30 79 79 30 or by tweeting @Velib. Tell us where the bike is as well as its number (on the rear chain guard). Your help ensures Vélib’ stays up and running!

Can I carry a baby or child on the Vélib’?

Vélib’ were not designed to carry other passengers. The rear chain guard makes it impossible to install a child seat.

What should I do if I experience a puncture or technical difficulties with my bike?

Call Allo Vélib’ on +33 (0)1 30 79 79 30, specifying the station and bike number. Customer Services will issue a support request.

What should I do if my Vélib’ is stolen?

Call Allo Vélib’ on +33 (0)1 30 79 79 30 as soon as possible. Report the theft to the nearest Police station.

Can I use my Navigo pass, even if my SNCF or RATP subscription has expired?

You can use your Navigo pass for the Vélib’ service, even if your RATP or SNCF subscription has expired.

How do I make sure I’ve returned the bike correctly?

When you return your bike to the station, wait for the lights to change from green-orange-green and listen for the two beeps that will follow. If the light turns red and you hear a continuous beep, your bike is not correctly locked up. You should follow the following instructions:

• Stand to the left of your bike with your left hand on the handlebars and your right hand on the saddle,
• Lift the bike by the saddle and pull it backwards,
• Reattach your bike to the attachment point, keeping one hand on the saddle and one on the handlebars.

If you have completed the procedure correctly, the light will go green.

If you have any doubts, log into the terminal and obtain a “bike return certificate”. If you can access one, you have returned the bike correctly! If not, the terminal will tell you “you have a bike on loan”.
Should you experience technical difficulties, you can use the terminal to confirm bike return. The return will be logged by the system. If the terminal doesn’t give you this option, call Allo Vélib’ on +33 (0)1 30 79 79 30 or using the terminal.

You returned your bike to an “off” station – what happens?

An “off” station is disconnected. Before returning your bike, check the connection status of the main terminal. Bikes returned to disconnected stations are not registered by the service. If you returned your bike to a disconnected station, call Allo Vélib’.

Are there smartphone apps for Vélib’?

There are two free apps available: AllBikesNow by JCDecaux, and the official Vélib’ app. The apps allow you to check bike availability in real time. Annual subscribers can also check their account details.

How do I find spaces and available bikes?

There are several tools:
• velib.paris.fr
• Yellow Pages
• Mappy

• AllBikesNow
• Vélib’

Why are the bikes in stations not always available?

When bikes are not available, they are due to be checked by our technicians.

What do I do if the station is full?

Log in using your ticket number or subscription number. Follow the onscreen instructions and the terminal will give you 15 additional minutes to reach a nearby station and return your bike.

The station is full, but the terminal isn’t giving me 15 minutes extra?

It is possible that a user hasn’t returned their bike correctly, hence the terminal not offering you extra time. Call Allo Vélib on +33 (0) 1 30 79 79 30 or using the main terminal.

How do I become part of the service’s self-regulation?

Return your bike to a Bonus V+ station which are usually less popular! If you borrow a bike from a “standard” station and return it to a Bonus station, you’ll get an extra 15 minutes of time. See the list of bonus stations available under “how it works” on this website.

Why are some stations closed?

A station may be temporarily closed for various reasons: protests, maintenance works on the road or station, network failure, power cut, etc. Closing a station ensures we can maintain user safety and a smoothly running service.

Who decides to close a station?

The Police Headquarters decides when a station is closed or re-opened, and tells Vélib’, who action the request.

How do I keep track of closed stations?

Check the list of closed stations by logging on to velib.paris.fr and clicking on “service info”. The information is also available on Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

How do I get in touch with Customer Services?

Allo Vélib’ can be reached on +33 (0) 1 30 79 79 30, Monday to Friday from 08.00 to 22.00, Saturday 09.00 to 22.00 and Sundays from 09.00 to 19.00. You can also write to:

Service clients
TSA 90003
78378 Plaisir Cedex.

How do I complain online ?

To lodge a complaint online, click on “online requests”, choose the relevant form and fill it in. You can also write to: Service Vélib’, TSA 90003, 78378 Plaisir.

What role does the self-service bike Mediator have?

The self-service bike mediator France is there to investigate your case. They seek a fair resolution to problems by facilitating dialogue, resulting in a clear, precise answer.

Why use a mediator?

Mediators are used in the case of persistent complaints, i.e two responses you judge insufficient provided against a single file. You can also involve the Mediator if you receive no response for two months.
Your request must be in writing to the following address: Médiateur VLS France, 17 rue Soyer, 92 523 Neuilly sur Seine or by email to mediateur@cyclocity.com.

Where can I buy Vélib’ accessories?

The boutique is available online at velib.paris.fr. Click on “boutique” or see the list of distribution points.
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